Support Biblical Values in 2019

Do you think defending Biblical and family values in South Carolina is important? If so, help the only organization that solely focuses on the faith and family issues in the Palmetto State.

Free Speech on College Campuses in South Carolina

Should students have the right to speak their mind freely on their college campus? Rep. Garry Smith discusses a bill to protect free speech on South Carolina campuses with Travis Barham of Alliance Defending Freedom and Shelby Emmett of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Meet Connie Kendall From Adventures In Odyssey

Katie Leigh, the voice behind Connie Kendall from Adventures in Odyssey, traveled to South Carolina to share her testimony. Palmetto Family Council sits down with Katie to discuss her involvement on the show.

A South Carolina Specialty: Turducken

Tradition is a major part of Thanksgiving, but don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit. A Turducken is the perfect way to surprise your family this Thanksgiving season!

A Moment of Hope During The 40 Days For Life

Twice a year, Pro-Lifers coordinate all over the globe to pray for and help those seeking an abortion. The campaign is called 40 Days for Life. A Moment for Hope is heading up the effort in Columbia, and they need help right now.

Your Religious Freedom Isn’t Safe

So you think your religious freedom is safe simply because you live in South Carolina? Think again. Attacks on religious freedom in the United States have doubled since 2011. The Palmetto State is no exception.

Former Human Trafficking Victim Serves Current Victims

Lanie George was a victim of human trafficking and exploitation, but now she helps those who are still struggling to escape. As the founder of Redeeming Joy, Lanie is on the front lines battling the very real problem of human sex trafficking.

Fatherhood Is Vital

Ashton Wine, the Director of Men’s Ministries at Daybreak Ministries, explains why fatherhood is important for a family to succeed.

Meet The Carolina Pregnancy Center

Crisis pregnancy centers give those facing an unexpected pregnancy options and hope. Meet Alexia Newman and the Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanburg, SC.

Update From Family Policy Alliance Annual Conference

Most of the Palmetto Family staff has traveled to Colorado Springs to attend the annual Family Policy Alliance Conference. We’re learning how we can better serve South Carolina and can’t wait to get back to work next week!

Why South Carolina Needs Palmetto Family

South Carolina is a nice place to live, right? Warm weather, beautiful landscape, friendly people. So why does South Carolina need Palmetto Family to make it a great place to live and raise a family…watch to find out!

Pastors Make Difference In Fight For Biblical Values

The Nehemiah Network has already changed South Carolina for the better, but much work still remains. Watch this video to learn how the Nehemiah Network is banding Christian leaders together to strengthen our Judeo-Christian values!

One Step Closer To Ending Dismemberment Abortions

Yesterday, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted 89-17 to end dismemberment abortions in the Palmetto State. Thank you to everyone who called, emailed and met with their legislators and asked them to defend life in South Carolina.

Stop Dismemberment Abortions Now!

The South Carolina House of Representatives will vote on a bill banning dismemberment abortions this week. Will you help protect life in the Palmetto State?

Sexual Slavery In South Carolina?

Yes, sexual slavery is an issue in South Carolina. Legislation is currently moving through the statehouse, so stay tuned to Palmetto Family for the latest.

It’s Been A Great 2016

Here at Palmetto Family, we’ve had a great year. We need your help to make 2017 even better for our state.

This Is Palmetto Family

Palmetto Family is the strongest South Carolina advocate for your family and values. We’d appreciate your support today.

A Discussion With Bob Vander Plaats

Erik Corcoran had the privilege to visit Bob Vander Plaats and The Family Leader to discuss how we can continue the work of Christ in South Carolina and Iowa. Check out their conversation!

Founding Documents In SC Colleges

Dr. Oran Smith of Palmetto Family Council speaks with Jamison Broggi, a fourth-year political science student from the University of South Carolina about the failure of South Carolina colleges and universities to teach America’s founding documents.

National AP History Standards

Dr. Oran Smith of Palmetto Family Council explains the problems with National AP History Standards and how we can work together to push back and restore a more balanced view of American History.