By God’s grace, Palmetto Family has accomplished much in the past two decades. We truly have helped make South Carolina a great place to live and raise a family.

2015-2016 Legislative Victories

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Research shows that unborn children can feel pain at 20 weeks. The pain capable bans all abortions past the 20-week mark.

Telemedicine Abortion Ban

For years, doctors have been able to prescribe abortions via technology such as Skype. The telemedicine abortion ban puts an end to the practice.

Public Invocations Act

Public prayer has been under fire for some time. This act protects public prayer at graduation ceremonies.

Founding Documents Act

This act requires high school students to pass a course about the founding documents and their principles before they graduate.

Volunteer Charity Care Act

Doctors and physicians can now provide care free of charge to those who need it. These doctors are protected against litigation for the practice.

Human Trafficking Act

This act spreads light on the dark world of human sex trafficking. Stricter restrictions and stiffer penalties are now in place against those who practice trafficking.

New Exceptional Needs Tax Credit

Many families who have a student with exceptional needs rely on this tax credit to give their student the education they need. The credit has been extended for at least another year.

Powdered Alcohol Ban

The dangerous substance known as powdered alcohol has been banned in South Carolina.

Right to Try Experimental Drugs

When you life hangs in the balance, shouldn’t you be able to try to save it? Right to Try give terminally ill patients the opportunity to try life-saving experimental drugs.

Proviso Restricting Planned Parenthood Funding

This proviso places limits on funding for Planned Parenthood and what services they may spend tax-payer money on.


  • An ultrasound must be offered before an abortion can be performed.
  • Abortion clinics must inform their patients that unborn children can feel pain.
  • Unborn children are persons when victims of crime.
  • The abortion reflection period is now twenty-four times longer than before.
  • Any infant born alive, regardless of the circumstances (even if surviving an abortion) is now protected by law.
  • South Carolina will not be required to cover abortions under the new healthcare reform system.


  • Pornography is restricted on cable television.
  • “I thought she was of age” is no longer a defense for sexual predators.
  • The Age of Consent is now clear in the law and the South Carolina Constitution.
  • Sex between teachers and students is a separate, specific crime.
  • Internet predators are banned from Facebook in South Carolina.
  • 11-year-olds will not be required to be vaccinated for sexual diseases.
  • Laws against human trafficking were established.


  • Marriage is defined in the South Carolina Constitution as for one man and one woman
  • Couples may enjoy a $50 tax credit for pre-martial counseling.
  • Efforts to change alimony laws to help the unfaithful spouse have been defeated.


  • The Ten Commandments may be displayed in public buildings.
  • Students must be allowed to express their faith in school — at the pole and in class.
  • Commencement prayers at public colleges have been preserved.


  • Schools must follow state abstinence laws in sex education or lose funding.
  • Students may receive graduation credit for off-campus Bible study.
  • The Bible may be taught as history and literature in public schools.
  • Biology standards must allow critique of evolution.
  • Public colleges have backed away from assigning inappropriate Freshman summer reading.
  • Homeschool students may participate in public school interscholastic activities.


  • Synthetic meth and marijuana have been banned.
  • the expansion of gambling in the form of poker, bingo, raffles, gaming machines and casinos has been stopped.
  • A new casino in North Charleston was halted through the efforts of Palmetto Family’s Nehemiah Network.


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