What’s the Personhood Act of South Carolina?

The hope of The Personhood Act of South Carolina is to engage the Supreme Court of the United States to challenge and overturn Roe v. Wade.

Palmetto Family has witnessed over the decades how effective pro-life legislation in the Palmetto State has led to a dramatic reduction in the number of abortions. With states like New York and the Governor of Virginia seeking to expand truly horrific abortion procedures to unprecedented new levels, we are refreshed and thankful that South Carolina enjoys the leadership of a pro-life Governor and many state officials.

However, there are many more children that need our attention as a society. Palmetto Family’s position is that life is a precious gift from our Creator and that it should be valued and protected under the law from conception to natural death. That’s why we support any and all efforts to reduce abortion in South Carolina. We believe the body of Christ should be unified in the pursuit of securing the right to life for those who cannot defend themselves.

As part of our efforts to support the right to life, we have analyzed every pro-life bill that has been filed in the South Carolina General Assembly during the current legislative session. Our goal is to inform our readers about these bills and to give them an understanding of their purpose.

We have covered the South Carolina Heartbeat Bill and a bill that would ban dismemberment abortions. Our final stop in this series is with H.3920 and S.485 – each better known as the Personhood Act of South Carolina. Representative Josiah Magnuson from Spartanburg has introduced the bill in the South Carolina House, and Senator Richard Cash from Anderson has introduced the bill in the South Carolina Senate.

The Personhood Act is intentionally different than the other two bills we have highlighted in this series. Those bills take a similar approach to the countless other pro-life bills that have previously been adopted in South Carolina and have been upheld by the courts as constitutional.

The Personhood Act, however, is different in that it seeks to create a framework for a court battle. The bill states that a person (the child in its mother’s womb) is created at the time of conception and, therefore, has the constitutional protection to the right to life. This would make any and all abortion procedures illegal and punishable.

Ultimately, the bill’s goal is to draw a swift challenge to Roe v. Wade, which led to the expansion of abortion rights in our country. The hope is to engage the Supreme Court of the United States to challenge and overturn the previous ruling in Roe v. Wade.

If you want to find out more about The Personhood Act of South Carolina, listen to my conversation with Representative Magnuson on our podcast, Faith and Family Statehouse Update.

And after you listen to this episode, will you take two minutes to defend life in South Carolina? Palmetto Family has launched a pro-life petition which gives you an effective opportunity to tell our state leaders and your fellow South Carolinians that you believe our state should defend the right to life.

Pro-Life Petition

Last year alone, almost 6,000 babies were aborted in South Carolina. That means thousands of precious humans never had the fundamental opportunity to experience life.

We believe that number should be zero in South Carolina, but to make that happen we need your help!

Ever since Palmetto Family joined the fight over 20 years ago we’ve seen encouraging results. We’ve seen the number of abortions cut by more than half, we’ve banned the most disgusting forms of abortion, we’ve used the law to increase protections for the unborn and we’ve closed and minimized funding for abortion providers. Though we’ve accomplished so much, there is so much more to do!

All these victories show that progress can be made, but only if the citizens of South Carolina stand up and demand that our state protect life. 

Please sign this petition now to tell our state leaders and your fellow South Carolinians that you believe life is something we ought to protect!

Joshua Putnam

President of Palmetto Family