Every few years, our family has the inevitable “Spring Cleaning” that turns up some of the oddest bits of history.

Last night, as I emptied a filing cabinet chocked full of financial statements and decades-old tax forms, I found the August 2001 edition of Focus on the Family Magazine that had somehow slid into a file folder in the back of the top drawer.

As we watch our communities shifts toward the edge of cultural cliff, the headline on the cover caught my eye talking about the “Decline of the Traditional Family.”

I wondered what could a twenty year-old magazine could reveal about the predictive nature of culture? Turns out, quite a lot.

Tucked into the cover article with Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson was a sub-headline “How does the gay and lesbian agenda threaten the family?” Dobson’s answer from twenty years ago was more prophetic than anyone could have realized.

“First, it is attempting to destroy the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. If homosexuals are successful, marriage will lose its meaning. If it is not exclusively between one man and one woman, then any combination of temporary relationships could qualify, such as two men and three women. Polygamy itself would be legal. In short, if marriage means everything, then it ultimately means nothing.


“Second, homosexual activists have targeted children and youth with the objective of capturing their hearts and minds. Public schools in California and Massachusetts, in particular, appear to be moving relentlessly in that direction. In some curricula, children are taught that homosexual behavior is acceptable and that traditional moral perspectives are hate-filled and bigoted. We must be diligent to oppose those initiatives.”

His prediction that we would be considered “hate-filled and bigoted” are spelling themselves out as the LGBTQ+ agenda continues its full-scale assault on any traditional moral perspective.

In fact, just this weekend, The State Newspaper published an article on the full-scale efforts by the LGBTQ+ coalition to impact legislation in South Carolina. In it, their advocates continuously called out efforts by conservatives to Save Women’s Sports (or, as they phrase it, “ban transgender girls from participating in women’s sports”) and protect minors from life-altering sex modifiation procedures and therapies (or, as they phrase it, “ban doctors from providing gender affirming care to minors”).

Our ability to preserve the culture of South Carolina is dependent on each of us recognizing our part as a reflectors of Jesus Christ in our communities as we stand together as the cultural guardrail of our state.

If you want to be more involved in efforts to protect and preserve our culture, text “Guardrails” to 76076 or sign-up online now and get connected with Palmetto Family today.