Please prayerfully consider a year-end donation to Palmetto Family to help us better defend your faith and family, and please continue to pray that the Lord uses Palmetto Family to expand His Kingdom.

As we enter the Christmas season, I want to reflect on how God blessed Palmetto Family and our work in South Carolina this past year. We are the only faith-based organization in the Palmetto State focused solely on every issue and attack leveled against your faith and family. As our culture continues its steep decline into immorality, we – South Carolina’s Christians – must hold the line for godly principles. With your help, Palmetto Family did just that in 2018.

This time of year also presents the opportunity to peek ahead to next year. I am excited for the opportunities 2019 will provide for Palmetto Family. Our goal is ambitious yet attainable. With God’s blessing and your help, I want to see Palmetto Family grow four-fold this coming year. We’re already the leading moral voice in South Carolina, but why stop there? We need to and can become the leading voice on faith, family and freedom issues in America!

The formula for accomplishing this worthy task is simple. In 2019 we will devote resources to the growth and success of our pastor’s coalition, the Nehemiah Network. The Nehemiah Network has accomplished so many important victories and is already the largest state-based pastor’s coalition in the country. But we don’t want it to just be the largest state-based coalition. No, we want to build the Nehemiah Network into the largest pastor’s network in America. Period. Unifying pastors is an important step toward another one of our focuses which is to unify the Body of Christ in South Carolina. Christians must work together to keep South Carolina a great place to live and raise a family, and a unified voice proclaiming truth in the public square is a must.

If there’s one promise I can make to you, it is this: this next year you will see Palmetto Family more active than ever before, and we will lead on more issues than ever before. We will aggressively combat sex trafficking and the sex industry. Palmetto Family will lead on foster care and DSS reforms so that faith-based organizations and families retain equal rights. As always, we will defend life to the fullest. You will find more Palmetto Family studies presenting truth with rock-solid data. Palmetto Family will become the most well-respected, most-effective Christian organization in South Carolina.

As a former legislator for nearly 8 years, I personally know the value Palmetto Family has in public policy discussions. With a little work and sweat, we will increase our influence and effectiveness to better protect your family. Are you ready for the next chapter? Are you ready to come out of the shadows and take the lead as God has called his children to do? I hope so because we can no longer afford to stay silent. Our state and culture are desperate for truth – help us provide it!

Palmetto Family would not be what it is today without your generous support. Likewise, we cannot accomplish our goals for 2019 and beyond without your continued support. As you know, we are 100% supported by donors like you. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us.

For the first time in our history, we are working on raising our entire annual budget before the beginning of next year. If we can accomplish this, it will allow us to start the new year in a position of strength and set us on the path to real, lasting growth. I know we can accomplish this for one reason: YOU! Over the last two months I have met with dozens of our supporters all over our beautiful state. I have left every meeting energized and encouraged. And you haven’t disappointed financially either because we are seeing strong involvement from our donors. Thank you for your generosity!

I still need to meet with many more of you. If we have yet to connect, please call our office and we’ll get a meeting on the calendar as soon as possible.

My motivation for serving in public office was to help build South Carolina into a better place for my children and grandchildren. That’s why I’m so excited for the opportunity to lead Palmetto Family. We can accomplish so much more than I ever could have in the South Carolina legislature.

Please prayerfully consider a year-end donation to Palmetto Family to help us better defend your faith and family, and please continue to pray that the Lord uses Palmetto Family to expand His Kingdom.

Joshua Putnam