We can’t help but notice the similarities between Palmetto Family and George Bailey.


All families have Christmas traditions. For some it’s singing Christmas carols by the fire, for others it’s decorating the Christmas tree with bright ornaments, and for the lazier among us, it’s watching classic Christmas movies with the family. The Palmetto Family “family” often falls into the latter of those categories.

Similar to a great many of you, one of our favorite Christmas movies is “It’s A Wonderful Life,” although probably not for the same reasons you and your family love it.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” has always resonated with Palmetto Family for one simple reason – we can’t help but notice the similarities between Palmetto Family and George Bailey. Let me explain.

George Bailey through his Bailey Building & Loan was modest, but dedicated to making the town of Bedford Falls a better place for its citizens and their families. And as it turned out, Mr. Bailey and his selfless work was the only barrier to Bedford Falls sinking into the greed and sin of Mr. Potter and transforming it into the shockingly wicked Pottersville.

The similarities couldn’t be any more obvious. Just like Mr. Bailey, Palmetto Family works tirelessly every day to ensure that South Carolina remains the best place to live and raise a family. The comparison really hits home when you consider what South Carolina would be like if Palmetto Family had “never been born.” Let’s take a peek into this scary world.

Life without Palmetto Family

If Palmetto Family was “never born,” South Carolina would have a dramatic increase in the number of legal abortions performed each year. There would be many more abortion clinics across the state, and they would have relatively little medical accountability. Further, thousands more unborn children’s lives would be at risk past the 20-week mark and into the late-term stages of pregnancy. Even more technology would be employed in abortion practices because telemedicine abortions would still be legal.

Marriage without Palmetto Family

If Palmetto Family was “never born,” South Carolina would have jumped head-first into a wishy-washy definition of marriage where anything would seem to go. There would be nothing in South Carolina’s constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Little incentive would exist for pre-marital counseling to help set a couple up for success. Even changes to alimony laws to reward unfaithful spouses would have been implemented. In other words, marriage as the Bible defines it would no longer be honored in South Carolina.

Children without Palmetto Family

If Palmetto Family were “never born,” your children would live in a far more dangerous place. Just like in Pottersville, decadence would be much more rampant. Pornography would be easily found on tv, sex trafficking of girls would be more common, and sexual predators would find it easier to prey on the innocent through Facebook.

Not only that, but harmful addictions such as gambling and alcohol would be everywhere without guardrails, and dangerous drugs would find a South Carolina more open to legalizing them.

Fighting for Family Values on Every Front...Every Day

This just in. Palmetto Family did something in 2017 no other organization can say: we fought for South Carolina family values on every front...every day. Help make it possible in 2018 ==> http://bit.ly/2tiLU0f

Posted by Palmetto Family on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

South Carolina with Palmetto Family

Praise God, none of this is the case. Similar to how Bedford Falls remained family friendly because of George Bailey’s work, so too is South Carolina because of Palmetto Family’s work.

Palmetto Family has been championing life from day one, and continued that fight in 2017. We were one of the loudest advocates for an investigation of Planned Parenthood and a drastic cut in their state funding. Further, we were intimately involved in putting an end to abortions past the point where we know the unborn child will feel pain, the end of practicing telemedicine abortions and halting the disgusting practice of dismemberment abortion.

Palmetto Family has halted schemes to change the proper and right understanding of marriage. We pressed and successfully passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage in South Carolina as between one man and one woman. We continue to fight to protect that amendment even today as pressure mounts to remove it from South Carolina’s Constitution in light of recent Supreme Court rulings. We’ve seen success in promoting healthy relationships with the passage of a $50 tax credit for couples who receive pre-marital counseling. Even the efforts to change alimony laws to reward unfaithful spouses have been defeated time and time again.

And finally, we fought to restrict easy access to pornography on television. We championed the removal of legal defenses for sexual predators and made it more difficult for them to hurt others. We also worked hard to place higher penalties on those who traffic women and children, and plan to implement even stiffer penalties in the near future! Not only that, but gambling in almost every form has been stopped, and we continue the tough fight to keep drugs such as marijuana illegal.

Palmetto Family Beyond 2017

Now for one more illustration, and this one is for you. In the end, George Bailey couldn’t continue his hard work by himself. No, Mr. Bailey needed the help of the Bedford Falls citizens to keep his doors open. If you haven’t guessed already, Palmetto Family can’t continue our all-important work alone. We need the help of South Carolina citizens to continue our effort to make South Carolina a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Will you make a secure online donation to ensure that South Carolina remains a family friendly place like Bedford Falls?

Briley Hughes

Briley Hughes

Communications Director


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