Sign this petition now to tell our state leaders and your fellow South Carolinians that you believe life in our state should be protected by passing the Heartbeat Bill.

Last year alone, almost 6,000 babies were aborted in South Carolina. That means thousands of precious humans never had the fundamental opportunity to experience life.

We believe that number should be zero in South Carolina, but to make that happen we need your help!

During the 2018 legislative session, the Heartbeat Bill was passed by the South Carolina House of Representatives before stalling in the Senate. But now, in an unlikely move, the Senate Medical Affairs Committee has decided to take up the bill this summer instead of waiting until the next session set to begin in January.

On September 10th, the committee will have a hearing and hold a vote to recommend the bill to the full senate.

Sign this petition if you believe the Senate Medical Affairs Committee should protect life in South Carolina by vote in favor of the South Carolina Heartbeat Bill.

Palmetto Family will be hand-delivering each signed petition so that your voice is heard. Don’t hesitate — sign now!

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