This will be a rally like no other. Hundreds of Christians will unite on April 10th to effect change in our great state.

Every South Carolina Christian is invited to rally with pastors and their congregants from all over the Palmetto State at the first-ever Palmetto Family Rally at the Statehouse on Tuesday, April 10th, organized by Palmetto Family Alliance.

This will be a rally like no other. Hundreds of Christians will unite on that day to effect change in our great state. The need could not be greater as very important legislation hangs in the balance – legislation that will end Dismemberment Abortions, crackdown on the commercial sex industry and limiting the accessibility of hard liquor in the Palmetto State.

The South Carolina General Assembly has already been visited and encouraged by hundreds of pastors from the Nehemiah Network twice now – most recently during Pastor’s Day at the Statehouse 2018. It is time now that they hear from hundreds of church-going Christians as they finish out this year’s legislative session.

In speaking with Rep. Lin Bennett of Charleston about the upcoming Palmetto Family Rally, she mentioned that, “seeing people of faith standing in the lobby of the Statehouse has a tremendous effect on legislators. God’s people need to include themselves in the public debate.” I pressed her on the importance of the event, to which she said that, “there are many bills that need to be completed by April 10th. There are some important pro-life and family-friendly bills that need to be moved.”

I and everyone at Palmetto Family Council are praying that God will bring hundreds of Christians to the Statehouse for such a time as this.

Imagine with me what it would look like. We would have Christians in every corner of the lobby and balcony praying with their legislators and encouraging them to make the right decisions.

Senator Larry Grooms, Chairman of the Prayer Caucus, said that he is ecstatic about the Palmetto Family Rally: “Now more than ever it’s easy to get swept down the wide road of worry and division. Thankfully God offers us a different, principled path. When we pray, we get to choose the path of hope. We get to know that whatever political —and ultimately, temporary — differences that come along, there is a God, there is a Savior, there is a Spirit. There is One True Authority who unites all and we need Him now.”

We are asking believers to come and be a part of history here in South Carolina.

I cannot wait to walk into the Statehouse and see in the lobby hundreds of South Carolina Christians praying with and for their legislators, and encouraging them to make the right decisions.

I believe with all my heart that my brothers and sisters will answer the call on Tuesday, April 10th for the Palmetto Family Rally at the Statehouse.

Get the details and register for free here.

Erik Corcoran

Erik Corcoran

Coalitions Director


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