South Carolina elected officials need our prayers and encouragement.

State Prayer Breakfast
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Father in Heaven, we thank you for the time we have spent together this day. You have said where two are three are gathered together, you are there. We have felt your presence this morning already and we are grateful.

Oh Creator, we praise and adore you. We know that with your very Word you spoke our universe into existence. And now by your grace, you sustain us.

But as we exalt your name and celebrate your light, You know the darkness of our hearts. We confess our sins to you now and ask for your forgiveness.

We are thankful…

By Your grace and mercy we live in free state, our beloved Palmetto State. A state full of churches that send your gospel around the world from this land we call South Carolina.

For sustaining our state in the joys and trials of its history we thank you. From Charlestown to the fort of Palmetto, from Fort Sumter to that dark day in Orangeburg to Hurricane Hugo, from King Cotton to looms that lay silent to great abundance and diversity, you have brought us through, tried in the crucible. Refine us, but walk with us we pray.

And, as we gather in this place today, we lift up our leaders to you.

For those who serve under the dome we pray—Senators and Representatives of the 118th General Assembly, staff, lobbyists, interest groups—guard them from the temptations of the Statehouse:  using power for power’s sake, accepting accolades for the work of others, double-mindedness, arrogance, greed, and the moral and ethical temptations unique to the Statehouse culture. Thank you for the many who place their trust in you, though many swim upstream.

As our legislature sits, may its members truly fulfill your word to the Romans by always holding no terror for those who do right, but only for those who do wrong. May they be your servants for doing good. May they never bear the sword or bill or act or resolution or appointment or election in vain, but with uprightness and fairness and selflessness. May they be your servants and true servants of the people, agents of wrath only in punishment of the wrongdoer…agents of grace.

For our Governor we pray. Give him the gift of wisdom and the gift of persuasion.

For the others who hold executive authority we pray: Attorney General McMaster, Comptroller General Eckstrom, Treasurer Chellis, our advocate for agriculture Hugh Weathers, Chief Educator Jim Rex, and Secretary of State Hammond—as well as chief executives of the Departments of Alcohol, Commerce, Corrections, Health, Insurance, Juvenile Justice, Labor, Motor Vehicles, PRT, Probation Pardon Parole, Public Safety, Revenue, Social Services, Transportation, and Law Enforcement. You know each function and each department. You know the heavy responsibilities for our four and a half million citizens. Guide their administration, we pray.

For those who preside and lead we also pray: Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House and President Pro tempore. Leaders of the party caucuses in the House and Senate. May they be true vessels in your hand.

Give wisdom to our judges as well—may every member of our state courts—supreme, appeals, circuit, family, administrative, summary, probate, municipal and masters-in-equity—be endowed with a very special wisdom to apply the law as written and to administer justice.

Lord, it was you who moved the founders of our state to place in that first Constitution these words:

“It is lawful and the duty of every man, being thereunto called by those that govern, to bear witness to the truth.”

As our leaders serve, show them the Truth, show them your face and may they in all things defend your holy institutions of church, marriage, and family.

And now deliver your message through your servant Tony Hall. Give him your message for us today.

All of these things we ask in the name of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Dr. Oran Smith

Former President & CEO


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