July 18, 2019

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COLUMBIA, S.C. – To further connect the South Carolina faith community with the state’s federal leaders, Palmetto Family led a group of over 100 members of its faith leader coalition, the Nehemiah Network, to Washington D.C. to meet and pray with South Carolina’s members of Congress.

On Thursday, July 11th, Palmetto Family hosted a luncheon at the United States Capitol that was attended by Senator Tim Scott, Senator Lindsey Graham, Representative Joe Wilson, Representative Jeff Duncan, Representative Tom Rice, Representative Ralph Norman and Representative William Timmons. During the luncheon, each Representative and Senator was given time to address the faith leaders. Following the program, a prayer time was held for each of the Congressmen.

Of the event, Senator Tim Scott said:

“It’s a true blessing to be surrounded with God-fearing citizens and I’m honored for the opportunity to speak at the Palmetto Family Council last week. We live in a time where our country has become divided and our differences appear to outweigh our similarities. In this time, we need the power of prayer more than ever and leaders who can help guide the people’s hearts back to the Lord I’m grateful for the work that Palmetto Family Council is carrying out across the state to ensure that the views of South Carolinians are heard at every level of government.”

Senator Lindsey Graham said:

“I appreciated the opportunity to meet with faith leaders from South Carolina last week.  I could not be more pleased with the Trump Administration’s selection of conservative judges and commitment to pushing pro-family policies. I will do my best to work with the President in the coming days, months and years to fulfill a pro-family agenda.”

Representative Tom Rice said:

“I was honored to join over 100 faith leaders from South Carolina while they were in DC last week. I pray every day for God to use me as tool to lift people up in my role as a Congressman, and I look forward to continued work with Palmetto Family to ensure South Carolina values are at the forefront of our policy decisions.”

Representative Ralph Norman said:

“This last week in Washington, I had the pleasure of speaking to over a hundred faith leaders from across the state of South Carolina. Never in my time here in D.C. have I felt such a compelling call to action. These folks are on a spiritual mission to pray and persuasively present the issues facing our state and nation to America’s highest leaders. A lot more work is left to be done. But with Palmetto Family’s strong values of faith, family, and freedom I know they will continue to be a powerful and growing influence here in Washington.”

Representative William Timmons said:

“Every year, Palmetto Family Council brings faith leaders from the Upstate to Washington to discuss important values with elected officials. I enjoy every chance I get to meet with them and talk about defending religious freedom across the country.”

Prior to the luncheon, Representative Jeff Duncan led the faith leaders on a two-hour private tour of the United States Capitol. The event concluded with a hymn and prayer time in the Capitol Rotunda.

Of the experience, Representative Jeff Duncan said:

“It was an honor to fellowship with Palmetto Family and lead the group through the Capitol for a time of encouragement and prayer for our nation. They do amazing work for our state, and I’m glad to have spent time with them during their visit to Washington.”

In addition to the time spent at the United States Capitol, the faith leaders experienced a private tour of the Museum of the Bible, a private faith briefing at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building with members of the current administration and a White House tour.

Palmetto Family’s Nehemiah Network is the largest state-based faith leader coalition in the country. The Nehemiah Network currently boasts more than 400 members from over 15 different denominations in South Carolina.

To learn more about Palmetto Family’s Nehemiah Network, its recent trip to Washington D.C. or its future plans, please contact Briley Hughes at (803) 237-5838 or at [email protected].

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