“That attacks against religious freedom will decrease is unlikely.

The ever-rising trend of disdain for the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to religious freedom is disconcerting, but not overwhelming. Christians, however, must enter the fray and fight to keep God and the Bible in the public square.”

– Briley Hughes, from Think Your Religious Freedom is Safe? New Report Says Think Again


What Your #GivingTuesday Gift Would Mean

Because the battle only continues to grow fiercer, Palmetto Family needs more help than ever before. If Biblical values in South Carolina are going to continue to be protected and advanced, we need your partnership.

South Carolina Ranks 7th Worst In STDs

The motto of “safer sex” dispersed by the CDC, HHS and others hides the true extent of the consequences associated with sex outside of marriage – the physical, social, emotional, economic and spiritual.

It’s See You At The Pole Time

In 1990, ten “average Joe” students decided to pray around the flag pole at their school. Today, ten has grown to millions as Christian students all over the globe publicly display their faith at school.

The Secret Epidemic

Though society spreads a very different message, pornography is not just a harmless pleasure. Porn addiction is destroying our families and churches.

Four Facts About Faith

I have been sharing with some of my close friends today the recent column by Rick Ezell “Four Facts About Faith.” Rick has an amazing way of boiling down biblical truth into short lists with memorable phrases.