The Upside of Nagging

If marriage is indeed the “old ball and chain” it is because it brings people into our lives who tie us down to healthy behaviors and habits.

Leading Factors To Lasting Faith

Parents should be encouraged that successful faith transfer is not anything close to rocket science, but really about relatively consistent faithfulness and honesty in living out a committed faith.

Why Does Manhood Matter?

The unattached and immature adult male is every society’s first social problem. This statement might strike us as overly dramatic, but it’s true. Think about it.

What Your #GivingTuesday Gift Would Mean

Because the battle only continues to grow fiercer, Palmetto Family needs more help than ever before. If Biblical values in South Carolina are going to continue to be protected and advanced, we need your partnership.

South Carolina Ranks 7th Worst In STDs

The motto of “safer sex” dispersed by the CDC, HHS and others hides the true extent of the consequences associated with sex outside of marriage – the physical, social, emotional, economic and spiritual.

It’s See You At The Pole Time

In 1990, ten “average Joe” students decided to pray around the flag pole at their school. Today, ten has grown to millions as Christian students all over the globe publicly display their faith at school.

The Secret Epidemic

Though society spreads a very different message, pornography is not just a harmless pleasure. Porn addiction is destroying our families and churches.

Four Facts About Faith

I have been sharing with some of my close friends today the recent column by Rick Ezell “Four Facts About Faith.” Rick has an amazing way of boiling down biblical truth into short lists with memorable phrases.

Being Pro-Woman Necessitates Being Pro-Life

The claim that one cannot respect the dignity of women without denying that of unborn children has been around so long that it has been received as truth. However, being pro-woman means protecting the lives of women inside and outside the womb. Being pro-woman means being pro-life.

Bible Illiteracy High And Rising

Fewer and Fewer Americans are reading their Bible, leading to sky-high rates of Bible illiteracy. And not just among unbelievers – you’ll be shocked at how many Christians aren’t reading God’s Word. Learn about the situation here.

Family Movie Night Made Easier

If it feels like there aren’t many suitable movies or TV shows for families to watch, it’s because there really aren’t many suitable movies or TV shows for families to watch. But we just might have the solution for you!

Get To Know Governor McMaster

Want to get to know South Carolina’s new governor, Henry McMaster? Don’t rely on his Wikipedia page or on one of those dime-a-dozen profiles. Get all the details only a lifelong friend can provide.

Finally, Election Day Arrives

Under the stern gaze of Uncle Sam, what advice or even thoughts may we legally provide to you to get ready for tomorrow? Here are seven (7) points to ponder in no particular order.

Breaking News: Prayer Wins Again!

In the Town of Greece decision, SCOTUS ruled for prayer. So long as the ones praying are official chaplains or are selected on a rotation, let them pray according to their own consciences.

Flood Victims Still Need Help

As October is now in its final days, that dark place of 21 Days After is where many of our state’s citizens find themselves—left to finish the job and deal with the new normal when everyone else has moved on.

Life Is Different AME

Life A.M.E. (After Mother Emanuel), can be different. If we keep eating and praying together across the racial divide, we can permanently add to our famous Palmetto values.

William Jasper: South Carolina Veteran

Our challenge today is no different than Jasper’s. Our troops are deployed around the world struggling for a free future against those who would take mankind into a new Dark Age.

William Wilberforce: A Biblical View Of Animals

To help us determine the proper course of action as Christians in this fallen world, we must continually look to scripture, but we can also be confident in following the biblically-sound example of William Wilberforce.

Hope And Hype On Stem Cells

Bob, a 70 year-old resident of Atlanta, Georgia, had been through two open heart operations because of heart problems. His condition deteriorated again, but his doctors told him he could not have a third procedure.

Truth At All Costs

Last Saturday, I spoke at the graduation of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS). Tiffany Deierlein’s valedictory speech was so impressive, I asked her for permission to post it on our blog.

Pray At The Pump

At the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast a couple of weeks ago, those in attendance had the pleasure of hearing from SC Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers.

Prayer For Our Elected Officials

Our Father in Heaven, we thank you for the time we have spent together this day. You have said where two are three are gathered together, you are there.

Christianity Makes The World Better

The days immediately following Christmas are generally a contemplative time. As we leave the tinsel and lights behind and face the New Year, it is a time for both recovery and preparation.

Pre-Kindergarteners Need Family First

The debate we are having as a state on preschool issues is long overdue. To contribute to that conversation, here are several considerations we feel have been missing from the discussion.

Carroll Campbell & Me

I met Mr. Campbell in 1976 when one of the three people in my hometown of Greer who would admit to being Republicans invited me to attend a Campbell campaign barbecue at his farm near Fountain Inn.