Palmetto Family has moved offices. In joining several other ministries, the Ministry House Columbia has been created.

The legislative session has come to an end and summer is upon us. Normally that means a quiet period for Palmetto Family, but not for Summer 2017! We are thankful for a number of blessings that have come our way in the past few weeks, but one of the greatest is our new office space.

Palmetto Family, along with eight other evangelical ministries, has been chosen for office space at cost in an attractive building that fronts Lady Street in Downtown Columbia. The rent for the space (built originally for a prominent law firm) will save PFC between $10,000 and $15,000 per year and it is 1/10 of a mile closer to the Statehouse than our former location! The other ministries and Palmetto Family will form Ministry House Columbia, a home for collaboration across all types of ministry from public policy to campus ministry to world missions. It is an exciting and unique concept and Palmetto Family is thrilled to be a part. I have also committed to spend between one and three days a week in the Upstate near my family home of Greer. Perhaps the Lord will supply an office there too!

Come visit our new Midlands office at 1414 Lady Street near the corner of Bull and Lady in Columbia!

Dr. Oran Smith

Dr. Oran Smith

President & CEO


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