WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues to make its way through the Senate, Family Policy Alliance and the alliance of state-based family policy councils raise the alarm that now Woke D.C. is trying to cancel Rosie the Riveter.

Earlier this week, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the NDAA that would require women to register for the draft. This is the latest disappointing move out of Washington, D.C., after months of the Biden Administration’s clear agenda to erase any distinction between the male and female sexes in law and in culture. From the Administration’s stated top priority, the Equality Act, to their recent “guidance” from the Department of Education that turns Title IX on its head by declaring it to be “discriminatory” when men are not permitted access to women’s locker rooms, sports teams, championships, or scholarships if they self-identify as women, the erasure of women appears to be a top priority in D.C.

The state-based family policy councils and Family Policy Alliance responded to the amendment with this joint statement:

Now Woke DC is canceling Rosie the Riveter? Men and women are equal under the law and equally made in the image of God, but Woke DC has an agenda to erase any differences between men and women. Insisting that women need to be drafted in order to fully participate in our nation’s defense demeans women who have kept our country safe and on track on the front lines in our manufacturing plants and labor force, with our families, and by their voluntary service in the armed forces.


To win a war but have no American families left at home would be doing the enemy’s job for them. Who will be left to raise children when both mom and dad have given their lives in required service? Will that be the government—the same government complicit in the nation’s foster care system and lobbying to cancel faith-based adoption and foster care? Mandating women register for the draft is another flawed idea from DC pretending women do not exist.

Now that the NDAA has cleared the Senate Armed Services Committee, including the Committee’s amendment that would require women to register for the draft, it will head next to the full Senate floor for consideration. The collective Family Policy movement will be urging Senators to reject the amendment.

Organizational signatories to this joint statement (by state):

  • Family Policy Alliance
  • Alaska Family Council
  • Center for Arizona Policy
  • California Family Council
  • Colorado Family Action
  • Family Institute of Connecticut
  • Delaware Family Policy Council
  • Florida Family Policy Council
  • Indiana Family Institute
  • The FAMiLY LEADER (Iowa)
  • The Family Foundation (Kentucky)
  • Christian Civic League of Maine
  • Massachusetts Family Institute
  • Michigan Family Forum
  • Minnesota Family Council
  • Nebraska Family Alliance
  • Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey
  • New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms
  • North Carolina Family Policy Council
  • Pennsylvania Family Council
  • Palmetto Family (South Carolina)
  • Family Heritage Alliance (South Dakota)
  • Family Action Council of Tennessee
  • Texas Values
  • Family Policy Institute of Washington
  • West Virginia Family Policy Council
  • Wisconsin Family Action
  • Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming