Faith Conversations will be chock-full of insights and stories and details about South Carolina’s leaders that you won’t hear anywhere else.

South Carolina’s leaders are visible every day, but is who they really are visible every day? Is what you’re seeing on TV, hearing on the radio and reading in the newspaper the real deal or are you just seeing a public façade?

As is the case with many of our leaders and as much as you might think you know, you probably don’t truly know the real person behind the position. Some leaders may intentionally mislead constituents regarding their true character, but more often, South Carolina’s leaders just aren’t provided a venue for sharing.

Until now.

With the launch of the new podcast Faith Conversations, Palmetto Family Council helps bring South Carolinians closer to their leaders than ever before through unscripted, intimate one-on-one conversations about their experiences and their faith. These conversations will be chock-full of insights and stories and details that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Want to know how faith influences a South Carolina politician’s actions? Want to know how a Palmetto State pastor heard the calling and how he shepherds his church? Faith Conversations is a must listen because it’s just that – a conversation. Not an interview, not a stump speech or sermon, Faith Conversations will foster real, authentic discussions with those who rarely have them in public.

New episodes of Faith Conversations will be available weekly, and you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts. In fact, the first episode featuring Representative Ralph Norman is already available here.

It’s time to truly meet for the first time those who make decisions for our great state. Subscribe and listen to Faith Conversations today.

Erik Corcoran

Host of Faith Conversations