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Permitting the use of marijuana for medical purposes in South Carolina is a divisive issue with well-intentioned people on both sides of the debate. We at Palmetto Family realize that each side has valid reasons for their stance, and many hold a position that is forged out of personal experiences with a loved one – both positively and negatively. Our desire at Palmetto Family is not to divide people of good will or demonize anyone taking a sincere position on medical marijuana, but rather to inform the public regarding this issue as it is currently being proposed to the Palmetto State and to give thoughtful, well-researched analysis.

On the one hand, many feel it would be unkind and uncompassionate to withhold effective treatments from those in need. On the other, there are many who hold valid concerns that releasing a drug on society could have harmful unintended consequences. In addition, the explosive rate at which states are embracing, not just medical cannabis, but the complete legalization of marijuana for recreational use carries with it even greater social concerns.

We understand and appreciate the concerns from both sides, both personally and professionally. Some may say that Palmetto Family has taken too strong of a stance regarding medical cannabis and others might argue we should take a much stronger position. We hope, ultimately, that our contribution to the discussion will lead to the best possible benefit of South Carolinians.

We appreciate the work and thoughtfulness the bill’s author has devoted to this topic in evaluating how similar bills have been introduced in other states, and in addressing many concerns expressed here in South Carolina. We pray our leaders will find the wisdom and guidance needed for making the best decisions on this issue.



A one-page summary of S.366.



A full analysis of S.366.



The text of S.366 with accompanying notes.


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