September 25, 2018

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COLUMBIA, S.C. – Soon to be retired state representative Joshua Putnam has been hired as Palmetto Family’s new President, making him the fourth leader since its creation in 1993. Mr. Putnam replaces Dr. Oran Smith who served as Palmetto Family’s President for 17 years.

In 2011, Mr. Putnam was elected to represent District 10 in Anderson, South Carolina, becoming one of the youngest ever to be elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives. During his seven-year tenure at the Statehouse, Mr. Putnam championed many pro-family pieces of legislation including bills to improve foster care, increase access to higher education and decrease hazing at public universities. Mr. Putnam and his family attend Grace Church in Powdersville, South Carolina.

Of the hire, Dr. Oran Smith said, “With Joshua Putnam in charge, the organization we have worked so hard to build will be in good hands. His energy, resourcefulness and connections will pay off for Palmetto Family from day one, I am sure. I look forward to having a continuing role with Palmetto Family in support of Joshua and his exciting vision.”

Joshua Putnam said of the hire that, “I am deeply humbled to have been selected to serve as Palmetto Family’s next President. This organization has an incredible history of leading on family and kingdom-focused issues in the Palmetto State. I look forward to building on the leadership of Dr. Oran Smith. Over my years of service inside the state’s General Assembly, I have seen how powerful and respected a voice Palmetto Family has on policy decisions within state government. There will be many exciting announcements made during our upcoming 25th year, and I look forward to growing our influence and leadership within the state.”

Mr. Putnam is available to discuss his new role, his agenda and Palmetto Family’s future. Please contact Mr. Putnam directly at (864) 238-9431 or [email protected].

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