Faith is exhibited and evident in several ways.

I have been sharing with some of my close friends today the recent column by Rick Ezell “Four Facts About Faith.” Rick has an amazing way of boiling down biblical truth into short lists with memorable phrases. The response from my circle has been so positive, I’d like to commend the column (and the blog) to you. Please let me know what you think. And, if you know of other unique South Carolina-based biblical blogs, let me know. We want to add a blogroll of homegrown web logs to our site soon.

– Oran Smith

Usually we think that faith is revealed in right doctrine and moral behavior. But faith is exhibited and evident in other ways as well.

Faith is committed to high ideals.

People of faith will not allow their principles to be compromised. Are your values, your convictions, being breached? Remember that if you lose your character you have lost everything that matters.

Faith is revealed in adverse conditions.

People of faith are never victims of circumstances, but victors over circumstances. Are you allowing setbacks and obstacles to discourage you? Remember that God is bigger than your unfavorable circumstances.

Faith is optimistic about tomorrow.

People of faith know that when one door is shut another door that is bigger and wider a little farther down the road will be opened. Are you pessimistic about tomorrow? Keep your eye on the Light to see the glimmer come peeking through from the crack in the door of your next opportunity.

Faith is persisting when we don’t feel like it.

People of faith know that feelings are like a caboose on a train, present but not essential to the ultimate arrival of the objective. Are you doubtful? Keep your head up and your faith intact. God is not through with you yet. Even when you don’t feel him, he’s there with you and for you.

How’s your faith?

This column was published with permission of the author and was originally published here.

Dr. Oran Smith

Former President & CEO


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