The premise of the American Republic is built on the promise of free and fair elections. Every time Americans go to the polls, we need the assurance that every vote cast is both legal and counted.

Far too many Americans have lost confidence in the election process. This is a confidence that must be restored if we are going to solve the serious issues facing our nation.

As Congress returns to Washington, DC this week and takes the necessary steps to certify the votes of the Electoral College, we encourage the South Carolina Congressional Delegation to support all reasonable efforts within its power to investigate and address issues of voting irregularity stemming from the 2020 election.

We also encourage them to work together with others who are encouraging reform measures to protect our election system as we move forward.  This effort is vital to guaranteeing the promise of America for future generations.

To our South Carolina Congressional Delegation, we pray that God will give you wisdom as you move forward to restore the people’s confidence in our election system.