Purposing to spend quality time with your family can be a challenge, but it’s the best thing you can do for your children.

As the Thanksgiving holiday arrives, so too have holiday sales reached a fevered pitch. As I pondered the insanity of the holiday shopping season, a quote from one of my favorite television shows popped into my head.

Two of the show’s main characters are at the mall registering for their wedding. One of their good friends has joined them, and he is trying to convince them that registering for stuff is the most exciting part of getting married. In doing so, he looks around the store with wondering eyes and tells them that:

“Love fades away. But things…things last forever.”

What makes this quote so funny is its total and complete incorrectness. But it aptly describes the attitude of “things are king” in American culture, and unfortunately, even American Christian culture. Of course, no one actually audibly says that things are paramount, but they do speak it with their actions.

We all know with our head that the importance of possessions pale in comparison to our family and faith, but do we act it out in our life? Are you making every intentional (because it must be intentional) effort to focus on your family and your faith, or will you get caught up in the sales and the commotion of holiday consumerism?

Let’s turn the tide of ungratefulness this Thanksgiving by being thankful for our faith, family and friends.

A South Carolina Specialty: Turducken

Tradition is a major part of Thanksgiving, but don't be afraid to spice things up a bit. A Turducken is a South Carolina delicacy and a perfect way to surprise your family this Thanksgiving season!

Posted by Palmetto Family on Monday, November 20, 2017

As a Quick Aside

For over 20 years, the supporters of Palmetto Family have made it possible for us to do our all-important work of building a South Carolina where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. All of us at Palmetto Family are truly grateful for your confidence in what we do and for your encouragement throughout the year. Nothing has been accomplished without God’s grace and without the help of His family in South Carolina.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend your money on something other than possessions, would you consider a charitable donation to Palmetto Family? Because we don’t accept money from the government, we rely on the generosity of South Carolinians to continue our work.

We are excited that one of our generous donors has committed to matching the amount of funds we bring in from now till the end of the year. To put it simply, your 2017 gift will be doubled – double the impact and double the positive influence for biblical values in the Palmetto State.

Please prayerfully consider supporting the work of Palmetto Family. South Carolina just wouldn’t be the same without us.

Briley Hughes

Briley Hughes

Communications Director


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