In most cases, cultural and social trends in South Carolina reflect those generally found in the United States as a whole, but in some areas South Carolina appears to be outpacing the aggregate.

The family is hurting in South Carolina, in some ways to a greater degree than in other states. When families do not thrive, economic and societal problems erupt. These problems, as well as pressure from population growth, lead to larger state budgets and more public employees.

Solutions exist, and this document is a clarion call for a statewide search for those solutions.

South Carolina is growing faster than some other states. Due to Population Change after the 2010 Census, an additional seventh congressional district was drawn, giving the state more representation in Washington.

Infant Mortality, Teen Pregnancy, Births to Unwed Mothers and Single Parent Families are more serious problems in South Carolina.

The Crime rate, Violent Crime rate and Prison Population in South Carolina are higher than in the nation as a whole.

Our Median Income lags behind much of the rest of the nation while recipients of Food Stamps, Social Security benefits, Free and Reduced Lunch and Children’s Health Insurance continues to climb.

South Carolina has a significant Sexually-Transmitted Infections (STI) problem, to an even greater degree than in the rest of the country.

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