On this episode of South Carolina Connections, host Cory Truax thoughtfully considers through a Christian-lens these important topics:

  • The Alabama House of Representative passed an impressive pro-life bill. During the debates, however, Alabama lawmaker John Rogers made questionable comments about the children being protect by this new law.
  • President Trump announced new HHS religious freedom protections on National Day of Prayer.
  • Attorney for Covington Catholic High School student, Nicholas Sandmann, sues the Washington Post for $250 million.
  • As of last week, over 100 judges nominated by President Trump have been confirmed.
  • Media bias is at an all-time high and is more obvious than ever before following the Mueller Report.
  • Thousands of South Carolina teachers rallied at the Statehouse…what did it mean?

Cory also invites you to check out a Faith Conversation episode with South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and Palmetto Family’s South Carolina Cultural Indicators 2019.

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Cory Truax

Host of South Carolina Connections