Over 50 members of the Nehemiah Network met and prayed with Governor Henry McMaster at the Governor’s mansion.

Palmetto Family’s pastor coalition, the Nehemiah Network, continues to make waves. Not only has it grown to over 300 members from 14 denominations, but the Nehemiah Network influences those at the highest levels of the Palmetto State. The Nehemiah Network’s weight was obvious as over 50 of its members met and prayed with South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster, at the Governor’s mansion.

After a brief meet-and-greet between the Governor and the pastors, the Director of the Nehemiah Network, Erik Corcoran, welcomed the pastors by thanking them for their commitment to positively impacting South Carolina’s leaders:

“I thank God for all of you who have come from all over the state. You obviously know what’s so important – praying for our leaders. Leaders like Governor McMaster.”

Governor McMaster opened his time by displaying a sense of humor: “Welcome to all of you to the very historical Governor’s mansion. In case you’re wondering, this place is 16,000 square feet and has 13 commodes.” After a lengthy laugh from the crowd, the Governor quickly addressed a broad range of issues with the pastors gathered at his residence.

The issues ranged from human trafficking to religious freedom to race relations, but the nexus through every topic was that, “[Christians] have an obligation to let others see that light shine, to be an example, to try to do right.”

Nehemiah Network Travels Inside the Governor's Mansion

Ever been inside the Governor's mansion? Over 50 pastors from the Nehemiah Network made it inside to pray with Henry McMaster. Take a look.

Posted by Palmetto Family on Friday, November 3, 2017

Following an extended question and answer period, Bishop Mark Lawrence of the embattled Diocese of South Carolina prayed for the Governor. Below is his prayer:

“Heavenly Father, we know that no bird falls from the sky, but that You know it. No nation or state can prosper unless You help it.

We ask, Lord, for Your blessing upon our Governor. And for Your protection upon his family. We pray that You would bind unto him this day the strong name of God, and cover him with the blood of Christ. Surround him with an armor of light, that no evil may hurt him or his loved-ones in body, mind, soul or spirit.

Being indwelt by the Spirit of the Living God, may he do all those good works that you have prepared for him to walk in. That You would give him a wise and discerning heart and mind. That when he comes to the great crossroads of leadership and life, may he hear Your voice behind him saying, ‘This is the way. Walk in it’ when he turns to the right or to the left.

May he know that Your arm is not too short, nor Your heart too full to hear his prayer and meet his needs. And in those times when he stands alone in Your presence with great decisions of state upon his shoulders, may he kneel before You, and with humility and grace hear Your voice, receive Your guidance, have Your strength and have Your blessing.

May he so lead the people of this state in the ways of righteous and truth, that we may establish Your purposes at this time. Not only for the state of South Carolina, but that we may lead the way in many important endeavors for this nation.

These things we ask, Father, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who has taught us to pray.”

Governor Henry McMaster needs the prayers of all South Carolinians to lead the Palmetto State down a God-honoring path. Please join the Nehemiah Network in constant prayer for our leaders.

Briley Hughes

Briley Hughes

Communications Director


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