40 Days for Life asks Christians to pray at the entrance of the clinic and direct those seeking an abortion toward better alternatives.

Ending abortion requires more than just legislation and public policy changes. It also requires pro-life advocates lovingly providing help and truth to those seeking abortions.

40 Days for Life does just that. The global campaign mobilizes pro-lifers to help end abortion by praying and engaging with those who find themselves at an abortion clinic. The latest campaign, which began on September 27th and will last until November 5th, boasts 397 babies’ lives saved to date.

How the Campaign Works

Wherever an abortion clinic is located, 40 Days for Life asks Christians to pray at the entrance of the clinic and direct those seeking an abortion toward better alternatives. The effort has made a considerable difference for life – thousands of lives have been saved, hundreds of abortion workers have quit their jobs and abortion clinics everywhere have been shuttered. Not only has life been preserved, but the Gospel has been furthered and lives have been transformed.

Campaigns take place in the Spring and Fall and last for several weeks.

The Campaign in South Carolina

40 Days for Life has focused its efforts on the three abortion clinics in South Carolina, which are located in Greenville, Columbia and Charleston.

Leading the charge in Columbia is Mark Baumgartner and Valerie Berry of A Moment of Hope. Mark and Valerie do this hard work all year, not just during the 40 Days for Life campaigns, and they know the difficulties and the rewards.

A Moment of Hope During 40 Days for Life

Pro-Life advocates all over South Carolina are praying to end abortion at a local abortion clinic during the latest 40 Days for Life campaign. Will you join? Learn more here ==> http://bit.ly/2gTUkGD

Posted by Palmetto Family on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

“It doesn’t seem like it would be so hard to get people to pray for just one hour twice a year, but it really is a big barrier for people,” says Valerie of recruiting for the campaigns. “Our goal is to have 40 churches each adopt a day. And I like that because twice a year a church can be involved and be reminded about the abortion issue.”

Mark Baumgartner has been the director of A Moment of Hope for several years now, has participated in multiple 40 Days for Life campaign and has sat in front of abortion clinics for countless hours. Mark knows the trials of defending the unpopular, but just stand for life. “I had to ask myself if I was willing to suffer the reproach of Christ. We are mocked by many who drive by and ridicule. We get a lot of people sticking their finger up at us. Also, being labeled as a fanatic. People tend to – because we’re out there – clump us in with those who use methods we don’t really agree with. They don’t know that our approach is different.”

Asked if the long hours and ridicule is worth it, Mark smiles and points to his shelf full of families he’s helped, “Just looking at these pictures of these babies, it really is.”

Getting Involved in the Campaign

Many pro-life advocates shy away from this work for fear of the difficulties that Mark and Valerie face. However, Valerie says that not only is the effort worth it, but many people are open to what they share with them. “I think we just have to be faithful in going out, and being who Christ would have us to be – compassionate and kind. Also gracious, presenting truth in a gracious way. And then trust Him with the results.”

Several Palmetto Family staff and Nehemiah Network members prayed with those who had gathered on October 31st. The current 40 Days for Life campaign lasts until November 5th, so we encourage all pro-life South Carolinians to act now and volunteer to pray for an hour at a local abortion clinic.

You can join the effort by contacting Mark Baumgartner here.

Briley Hughes

Briley Hughes

Communications Director


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