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The Following Organizations Specialize in Homeschool Issues


South Carolina Law

South Carolina law requires one of three options to be chosen for oversight of a home school: one's local public school district, S.C.A.I.H.S., or "third option" associations comprised of at least fifty members. Visit HSLDA for more information.

In 2012 South Carolina granted equal access to home school students to public school interscholastic activities. You may click HERE to read the full text of the new law, and HERE for a form you may use to notify your local public school superintendent (required) of your intention to participate.

You may visit the South Carolina High School League website to view a calendar of dates and deadlines for participation in sports during the upcoming school year. Note that July 27, 2012 is listed as the first day of practice for all fall sports, so you must notify your district superintendent before that date if you plan to participate in sports this fall. It is the student's responsibility to attend the initial try-outs/practices and provide the coach/school with any additional information or documentation necessary to verify that the student is eligible to compete (i.e., transcripts, physical exam, birth certificate, etc.).

Accountability Options
(Palmetto Family does not oversee, monitor, or endorse any of the accountability options listed below. Parents or guardians are encouraged to evaluate these options to determine which is best for their home school.)

I.  Local Public School District [§ 59-65-40]
II.  S.C.A.I.H.S. [§ 59-65-45]
      (803) 454-0427
III. "Third Option" Associations [§ 59-65-47]
Academic Advantage Association
(864) 968-1118
Alliance Homeschool Accountability Association
(803) 312-2810

Carolina Foothills Home School Association

(864) 472-3471 

CHASE SC (Christian Homeschoolers of South
Eastern SC)     (843) 376-3209

Faithful Scholars
(803) 548-4428

Foothills Accountability Association
(864) 972-2460

Grace Home School Association
(843) 667-9777 or Toll-Free: (888) 690-4229

Greenwood Christian School Home Educators
(864) 229-9003

Homeward Education Association
(803) 469-4927

Insights On Education Homeschool Association
(864) 335-9265

(Laurens Educ. Assn. Resource Network)
(864) 684-7373

LEAH (Low-Country Educators Association of Homeschoolers)
(843) 834-1907

OCTOG (Oconee County Third Option Group)
(864) 784-4106

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Compliance Association
(803) 695-1282

Palmetto Homeschool Association
(803) 327-2344

PIE (Palmetto Independent Educators)
(803) 643-0807

Palmetto State Association of Homeschools
(864) 381-7724

PACESC (Parents Association for Christian Education in SC)
(843) 899-4333

P.C.A. Home School Association
(864) 845-5154

PHEA (Piedmont Home Educators Association)
(864) 268-6880

The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association
(803) 800-8664

School's Out Support Accountability Assn.
(803) 237-4948

The Upstate Association of Homeschools
(864) 598-9996

Vine and Branches Home Educators
(843) 504-8194

Restricted Membership "Third Option" Groups
Arrows Academy
For families enrolled in Arrows Academy.
(803) 210-5902
Community Bible Church Christian Academy
For Community Bible Church members.
(843) 525-0089


For Anderson Home School Association members.
(864) 225-2121

(Homes of Prayerful Education)
For members of CHOICE.
(864) 338-0918

New System School

Membership Restricted to Jehovah’s Witnesses.
(803) 996-0539 


For members of REACH.


For active members of HERALD 5.
(803) 479-9630




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